Meet Thom: From FIFO to Ambo

During National Volunteer Week, we want to do a shout out to the many community-minded people who help others.

Meet Thom Rossen from our Newman Operations production scheduling team. Thom joined BHP as an intern three years ago, before starting the BHP Graduate Program in 2020.

By day, Thom is responsible for producing the weekly plans for Newman’s Load and Haul, Mine Services and Drill and Blast teams.

“This involves a mixture of time scheduling and optimising plans, as well as field time to liaise with supervisors and operators to make informed decisions about the short-term direction of the mine,” Thom explained.

In his spare time, Thom volunteers as a St John Ambulance Emergency Medical Technician and Volunteer Development Officer.

“St John’s volunteer-based infrastructure has been vital in building community healthcare resilience across WA, with volunteers provided with the tools and tactics to support residents in the event of an emergency,” Thom said.

“It’s such an incredible feeling to help someone during their time of need, no matter how minor or serious their condition may be.

“Our regional and remote towns rely heavily on volunteers. Whether it’s Emergency Services, Sporting Clubs or local Lions – it’s the volunteers that make these towns such great places to live.”

Thom is equally passionate about both of his roles and is proud to work for a company that supports its employees and local communities.

“The commitment that BHP has to local communities and community groups is amazing. We invest socially, culturally, and financially in the communities where we operate, and I’m truly proud to be part of the BHP family.”

Thanks Thom for all your do for BHP and the community!

St John is always looking for legends like Thom for volunteer opportunities