Gabby and Janelle

Family is everything for mother-daughter duo Janelle and Gabby

Gabby Holledge couldn’t be more proud of her mum, Janelle.

The tight-knit duo who hail from Mackay are beaming with joy as Janelle joins Gabby as a Production Operator at Goonyella Riverside mine in Central Queensland.

Gabby, a Site Systems and Training Administrator across multiple deployments for BHP’s Operations Services (OS), said she was lucky enough to be on site to assist Janelle on her first day in April. 

“The stars aligned and I was at Goonyella on the same day mum started her role with BHP,” Gabby said.

“We were both so excited, and I couldn’t be prouder of mum chasing her goals.”

Gabby joined BHP in October 2018 and says it’s the supportive nature of her team that she loves most.

“Our team constantly encourage growth and career development,” Gabby said.

“Especially my superintendent, Emma Haigh, who has expanded my knowledge and upskilled me in my role.”

It was this team environment that saw Gabby encourage Janelle to join the team at Goonyella.

“As a daughter, all you want is for your mum to be in a happy and safe working environment and that’s exactly what she’s stepped into at Goonyella,” Gabby said.

After working as a medical courier in Mackay, Janelle said it was better working conditions, a change in lifestyle and a permanent position with a leading mining company that lead her to BHP.

“My role so far has been fantastic; I’ve met some amazing people and I love the team environment where we all work together and look out for one another,” Janelle said.

“I now have the opportunity to work alongside my daughter and watch her develop her professional mining career which is exciting to see.

“And I now understand the mining acronyms that Gabby mentions when we have family dinner in Mackay!” Janelle laughs.