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What’s big means different things to different people.

To us, it means supporting people and communities all across Australia. From the Pilbara to the Bowen Basin, we provide jobs, back businesses and invest in social programs that can make a lasting difference. And at the heart of it all are the true local champions whose dedication and commitment makes it all possible. Here are their stories.

Janelle Cockayne & Victoria Hammick

St John Ambulance, Port Hedland WA.

Responding to more than 2500 call outs every year is no easy task. But now, with space for up to eight ambulances, local residents will be better looked after than ever before. To us, that’s big.

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Tracey Swami

Faye Gladstone Netball Clubhouse, Port Hedland WA.

As one of the most popular sports in Port Hedland a new netball clubhouse is having a positive impact on the community. To me, that’s big.

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Vivianne Landy & Jamie Narrier

Martu Ranger Program, Western Desert.

Through the Martulu Palyalu: Strong Country, Strong Culture Project, BHP is working with the Traditional Owners to preserve the environment and way of life in the Great Sandy Desert, Little Sandy Desert and Gibson Desert. To us, that’s big.

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Jessica, Ngawai, Aisha, Alejandra, Conway and Sheridyn

BHP Process Trainees, Kalgoorlie WA.

As a BHP Process Trainee you get the perfect start for a career in mining. The program leads to a nationally recognised accreditation and helps develop the skills needed to become a future leader. To us, that’s big.

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Bec, Gloria, Jenelle and Ross

Ronald McDonald House, Perth WA.

The new Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for those who need it most, helping to reduce some of the burden on regional families with seriously ill children. To us, that’s big.

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Susie Bedford

Ningaloo Outlook Program, Exmouth WA.

In a town of just two thousand people, getting one hundred residents to attend a talk by scientists about ‘mushroom-shaped corals and whale shark migrations,’ is a sign something special is going on. To me, that's big.

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