Apprentices smiling at camera

Apprentices, Moranbah

Throughout Australia, apprentices are actively acquiring valuable skills from experienced mentors, enabling them to learn on the job and prepare for rewarding careers. Apprenticeships are not only advantageous for recent school graduates but also offer a path for those seeking a career change without the need for extensive retraining.

At BHP, this tradition of apprenticeships thrives, with hundreds of new recruits each year embarking on a journey towards fulfilling careers.

Ellen, one of these apprentices, reflects on her journey of becoming an electrician. She has been an apprentice at Broadmeadow mine in Moranbah for 2 years.

‘My favourite part is that it’s a challenge. Every day you’re learning something different and pushing yourself to be better.’

Opening in 2005, Broadmeadow is a metallurgical coal mine 34 kilometres north of Moranbah, on the land of the Barada Barna people.

Even in a world moving towards renewable energy sources, steel (created from metallurgical coal) remains essential for building wind turbines, solar panels, and the infrastructure to support renewable energy projects. Over 750kg of metallurgical coal will be needed to create the steel for a mid-sized car. So it’s worth keeping in mind how important it is to the transition.

Working a seven days on, seven days off roster, Ellen was most surprised to see that her passion for the job would grow every day.

And it’s no surprise. What Ellen learns on the job is one thing, but what she adds to the team at BMA is just as important.

Apprenticeships offer much more than just technical training; they inject fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into the workplace. Training the next generation of skilled workers is crucial, ensuring not only BMA’s competitiveness but also Australia’s position in the global market.

Beyond skill development, these apprenticeships foster camaraderie and friendships among the teams. As they embark on this shared learning journey, they form bonds that will serve them well throughout their careers.

BMA’s commitment to apprenticeships is a result of its dedication to fostering talent, innovation, and sustainability. As apprentices learn and grow, they not only contribute to the company’s success but also play a vital role in shaping a brighter future for the mining industry and Australia as a whole.