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Payroll Review

BHP has identified issues with certain allowances and entitlements affecting a number of current and former employees in Australia.  

We are sorry to anyone impacted by these errors. This is not good enough and falls short of the standards we expect at BHP. We are working to rectify and remediate these issues as quickly as possible.

About the issues 

Our review identified that since 2010, some employees across our Australian operations had leave incorrectly deducted when they had taken time off work on a public holiday.

We also identified that OZ Minerals had been affected by a similar leave deduction issue before being acquired by BHP in May 2023.  

In addition, we identified that certain current and former employees at WAIO Port Operations may be eligible for additional allowances due to an error with the employing entity in their contract.  

We have self-reported these issues to Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman and have engaged Protiviti, a global assurance firm, to undertake a review of our payroll systems. 



Public holiday leave issue

We have recredited relevant leave deducted on public holidays between the period from 2010 to 8 May 2023 for current BHP employees, including employees who had relevant leave deducted during their employment with OZ Minerals before it was acquired by BHP in May 2023.

We have started making payments to former employees who had relevant leave deducted on public holidays between 2010 and 8 May 2023 (along with current employees who were affected during a previous period of employment with BHP).

WAIO Port Operations entitlements issue

Current affected employees have been notified and are receiving any additional applicable allowances. The calculation of historical payments will take some time and we will engage with the Fair Work Ombudsman on this. We will provide more information on expected timeframes for this work as soon as we can. 



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