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An introduction to Our Code of Conduct

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Whether you’re an employee, supplier, customer or shareholder, we invite you to discover and learn the way in which we operate internally and externally, in a manner that is both respectful of people and the law.

In this section we'll cover:

Our purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world. And how we do that, matters.

Our decisions and actions are guided by the core values in Our Charter. In fact, it was BHP’s commitment to these values that was one reasons I came to work here more than two decades ago.

Our code brings these values to life. It reminds us why values are important and helps us understand them in practice.

It’s not just for us. We use our values and Code of Conduct to drive the best possible outcomes for everyone. They guide our partnerships with the communities in which we operate all the way through to how we work with our customers around the world. And we never compromise on these values.

They guide how we create a workplace where everyone, including those we work with, feel respected and safe to speak up if they see something that might contradict our code… and we won't tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises a concern.

I see the commitment from our people every day, and while we will always strive to be better, this makes me so proud to wear the BHP orange.

Mike Henry
Chief Executive Officer

Quick Test

If you're in doubt about whether you should speak up or not, then ask yourself the below questions...


Does it fit with the values of Our Charter?

Our purpose
View Our Charter


Could it directly or indirectly endanger someone or cause them physical or mental harm?


Is it legal and in line with our policies and procedures?


Does it fit with my personal values?


If the story appeared in the media, would I feel comfortable with the decision?


What would I tell my partner, parent, child or friend to do?


What's my intuition or 'gut feel'? If it feels bad, then it probably is bad.

If you feel uncomfortable or have difficulty answering any of the questions in the Quick Test, you should speak up.

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