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(Chile) BHP implements support measures when limiting the number of contractors at its sites

Update for Chilean operations:

Following the health emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic, BHP and its operations have implemented rigorous protocols, control and prevention measures in order to ensure the health of its workers, which is their number one priority. These measures have been reported to the health authority and joint committees, and have resulted in there being no confirmed cases of Coronavirus at our operations, to date.

This pandemic could cause serious economic and social impacts in Chile and the world. Our activity plays a critical role in mitigating the effects of this crisis, which could last a long time.
In this context, the company has decided to restrict the entry of workers from contractor companies working at the operations for the next 15 days, and will voluntarily assume the direct costs as one more measure to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Decisions made after this period will be analyzed and communicated in due course.

This is in addition to the previous decision already made to authorize remote work for people on 4x3 shifts and who do not have critical roles for business continuity, as well as people over 65, pregnant, or belonging to a high risk group.

In addition, BHP will defer services that are not considered urgent or a priority and, as it had been previously announced, it has proceeded to change the terms of payment for all providers and collaborators:

  • Large Taxpayers: 30 days
  • SMEs: 14 days
  • Local companies from the Antofagasta and Tarapacá Regions: 7 days

We know that our activity has a multiplying factor in employment and the national economy. Keeping our operations running is essential for the stability of the economy, especially in the face of the difficult times ahead. It is possible to manage the health crisis faced by the country, as a priority, and at the same time ensure operational continuity.