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Yandi achieves one billion tonnes

Today, we achieved a historic milestone at Yandi - one billion tonnes Ore For Rail produced in the mine’s lifetime. Yandi is the second mine in Western Australia Iron Ore to achieve the milestone.

When the Yandi mine was commissioned twenty-six years ago, it produced just over five million tonnes in its first year. In FY16, the mine produced over 78 million tonnes Ore for Rail. 

Fast facts

  • Alejandro Vasquez is the General Manager
  • 734 employees are employed at Yandi
  • Yandi is located 178 kilometres northwest of Newman on Flat Rocks Road, off the Great Northern Highway
  • The mine started up in 1991
  • It was operated by HWE Mining before we transitioned to owner operator in 2011
  • General Managers since the site has been owner operated:
    • Rob Telford
    • Paul Hemburrow
    • Alejandro Vasquez (current)
  • The operation currently consists of five open-cut pits and includes mining, processing and railing