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Risk and Audit Committee Change at BHP Billiton

​On 6 September 2011 Lindsay Maxsted was appointed Chairman of the Risk and Audit Committee (RAC). Mr Maxsted joined the Board in March 2011 and has been a member of the RAC since June 2011.

David Crawford retired as RAC Chairman and as a member of the RAC on 6 September 2011. He will at the Board’s request stand for re-election as a Non-executive Director at the upcoming Annual General Meetings.

BHP Billiton Chairman, Jac Nasser, said “Lindsay Maxsted has extensive experience in corporate restructuring and financial control, and is very well equipped to lead our Risk and Audit Committee.”

Mr Nasser also thanked David Crawford for his service as RAC Chairman: “The Board is pleased that it will continue to benefit from David’s strong contributions as a Non-executive Director.”