Repositioning BHP's workforce of the future

Earlier this week, Chief People Officer, Jad Vodopija spoke about leading a new and evolving workforce, at a panel discussion at the Governance Institute of Australia’s National Conference 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. 

The conference which attracts global thought leaders, leading practitioners and some of the world's most respected voices in governance and risk management, explored the continuous shift in political, economic, geopolitical and social global landscapes.

During the session, Jad discussed how BHP was ‘leaning in’ to the needs of our ever-evolving and future workforce in three ways:

  • through being a Purpose-led organisation that contributes positively to communities and the broader society. 
  • through future-readiness, by not only having a business positioned for the future but by ensuring we have a future-ready workforce. This also means ensuring the communities in which we operate are ready for the changes that are coming.
  • through being a flexible, inclusive and diverse workplace.

We see all of these things – if done right – being a potential source of competitive advantage for BHP in today’s environment.