Tamara's having a blast at Newman

Meet Tamara Needham – the first female appointed shotfirer for Newman Operations.

Tamara joined the Newman Operations blast crew just over four years ago and is proof that with hard work and commitment anything is possible.

“I have put in the hard work to get where I am today – I started as a trainee, and then became a shotfirer’s assistant, all while training to become a shotfirer myself,” Tamara said.

“I’m so thankful to my team for supporting me while I achieved my goals – they really have been like a second family.”

Shotfirers have the crucial role of determining the number of explosives required and checking our blasting areas have met safety regulations before positioning and detonating the explosives.

They are also responsible for inspecting the area to make sure all explosives have been detonated and that the site is safe after blasting has been completed.

“I love the day-to-day responsibilities of shotfiring which involves making a plan for the day and working collaboratively with the team to achieve our goals and targets,” Tamara said.

“I also really enjoy blasting day because it is really rewarding to see it all come together and watch as everyone’s hard work pay off.”

Newman Operations is an integral part of BHP’s iron ore business. Iron ore is integral to the steel-making process, steel which is then used in construction, transportation, energy infrastructure and household appliances like washing machines, fridges and dishwashers. From Tamara's blasts to every day house hold appliances. Thanks Tamara!