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BHP supports UNESCO IGCP in global geoscience initiative

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Geoscience Futures website – developed by UNESCO IGCP to generate understanding and communication of the essential role of geoscience globally, and proudly supported by BHP.

Led by UNESCO IGCP project leader Professor Iain Stewart, some of today’s most important (and diverse) geoscientists contributed. Iain, along with BHP Head of Geoscience Excellence Cam McCuaig and BHP Practice Lead Exploration Excellence Neil Evans, built the concept from the ground up and have more than 30 interviews recorded to date.

Professor Iain Stewart is a renowned science broadcaster with the BBC who was awarded an MBE for his services to geology education and who currently holds a UNESCO IGCP Chair in Geoscience and Society.

Tim O’Connor, VP Resource Centre of Excellence said this innovative initiative sees us working together for the greater good of the planet.

“In this changing world, geoscience is integral to the future of our society and the planet, across all facets of energy, mining, environmental stewardship and technology,” Tim said. “The Geoscience Futures website was developed by UNESCO IGCP in response to the ongoing global crisis in geoscience and to highlight the importance of continuing career pathways in this field, and BHP was honoured to be involved.”

The website also promotes the need for ongoing conversations about why geoscience is integral to the future of our society and the planet.

Sonia Scarselli, VP Petroleum Exploration, said the Geoscience Futures website aligns with BHP’s global support of geoscience, while driving discussions and engagement from a breadth of audiences.

“By connecting to and sharing the wisdom and insights of geoscience experts and field leaders, this website can encourage conversations and build excitement around geoscience and its centrality to our future,” Sonia said.

At the heart of the website is a series of interviews with geoscience “thought leaders” from business, education and government, available as podcasts and as videos. Delivered under the impacts of COVID-19, multiple lockdowns meant all conversations and interviews were conducted remotely, usually from people’s homes, and often across several time zones.

The website launched with a select series of videos and podcasts, with more content to be updated and released regularly, providing new insights and fresh outlooks that reflect the diverse and thought-provoking ideas of world geoscience leaders.

We encourage you to check in regularly to hear more about this fascinating and ever-changing topic here.