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Supporting each other in the Gulf of Mexico

Tough times call for business friendly measures.

In early April, as the COVID-19 crisis ramped-up we announced we would move to seven-day payment terms for small and local businesses that support BHP’s Petroleum business.

This allows many of our vendors to firm up their cash flow during the difficult economic conditions.

Since the announcement, we’ve heard many positive stories about how this has helped local businesses. However, the relationship is mutual: our offshore operations also benefit from small and local businesses maintaining continuity of service.

One vendor is ART Catering which is a small company that provides offshore catering and cleaning services to BHP. During this crisis, they are also helping us put in place many additional safety measures to minimise the risks from COVID-19. Part of these measures include additional tests and quarantine in the Louisiana Gulf Coast before our operational teams mobilise offshore. ART Catering has assisted this effort by sourcing food and supplies from local businesses in Louisiana. 

Marcia Rushing from ART agreed, saying, “BHP’s commitment to the local community has been a life line for these small businesses.” 

One such local business is the famous Outback Steak House. Kacey DeNoux, who runs the local eatery, said it has been a great help.

“I have been able to increase the amount of hours my employees have been able to work” says Kacey.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Geraldine Slattery (President Petroleum) said the mutual support in the Gulf of Mexico was encouraging to see.

“Covid has interrupted our lives in ways we’ve never seen before. The only way to get through this, is to work together and support each other in keeping people safe and businesses running”.