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Rail operations employees relocate to keep Pilbara operations moving

BHP’s Rail Operations team is finding new ways to safely navigate the challenges posed by the coronavirus, with a number of its train drivers based interstate and overseas relocating to support their WA-based counterparts.

While most of BHP’s rail operations team already live in Western Australia, a number regularly commute from interstate or overseas for their scheduled rosters.

To help cover those roles, some of these drivers have opted to stay in the Pilbara for their next swing, while others have temporarily relocated to WA and are currently in 14 days of self-isolation before they return to site.

Other rail operations staff, including supervisors, coordinators, trainers and many other team members are picking up jobs they wouldn’t normally do in an effort to keep our trains operational over the next few months.

“With the current challenge in front of us, the team are doing whatever it takes to help each other out and keep our trains moving,” Rail Operations manager Steve Campbell said  “It has meant working differently, making it possible to deliver today, what would have been seen as impossible only a short time ago.

“The Rail drivers here at BHP are some of the best in the world.  They are proud of what they do and who they represent.  I am so proud of the entire Rail team who have all been up to the challenge, keeping our trains moving, helping to keep the country moving – to me, that’s big!”