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Driving thanks to DIDO

Gratias Matunda loves to explore Australia and has a passion for diving.

He is also one of BHP’s pioneers when it comes to drive-in drive-out (DIDO) work flexibility.

Living in Port Hedland and working at Mining Area C as a Project Engineer, Gratias said the ultimate reason he chooses to DIDO is because it lets him see his partner more often.

“The drive can be demanding, taking close to five hours, but it allows me to spend more time with my partner and be more engaged with the laidback community, which I love,” Gratias said.

“On some of my breaks between shifts, my partner and I get to explore and see interesting parts of Australia. We’ve discovered some amazing camping, fishing and diving spots up in the north west – something we wouldn’t be able to do if I lived in Perth.

“When I tell people I’m doing DIDO from Port Hedland, they are usually shocked because of the distance.

“They ask me why I do it, and I tell them I’ve tried all the different options and DIDO gives me the best opportunity to spend time with my partner and enjoy the community.”

BHP offers DIDO and residential commute options across its sites in Western Australia and is passionate about supporting flexible options that enable our people to contribute to their roles in different ways.

What these options look like for each role vary based on their location and schedule and are assessed on a case by case basis – with fatigue management and safety being the highest priority.

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