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BHP's Local Buying Program supports Australian Indigenous businesses

BHP has achieved a significant lift in supplier spend with Indigenous businesses in Australia since establishing the BHP Local Buying Program in 2012.

Replacement of Lining Plate in Rom Bin (July 2020)

A recent success story was demonstrated with TJU Engineering Services. TJU Engineering Service is a local provider of quality trades people to the maintenance teams at Daunia, spanning from the CHPP and infrastructure Teams over to mobile and field maintenance. 

BHP identified the opportunity to perform the maintenance of the lining plate in the Rom Bin which needed to be replaced. The site engineers and planners had 10 days to engage a supplier and organise the replacement of the liner. Site personnel and the supplier were able to collaborate, plan and deliver within in the tight timeframes to ensure routine maintenance is carried out with no loss of production time.

Corporate Head Shots for Tracked Maintenance team members (May)

Another success story was demonstrated with Nita Siggins Lifestyle Photographer. The teams involved were BMA Blackwater and BHP OS Tracked Maintenance Team. The Tracked Maintenance team held their first leadership forum at the International Coal Centre. This was an opportunity to take corporate headshots whilst the team were all present. Nita Siggins Lifestyle Photographer was required to complete the task on the nominated date and time. The work was performed professionally and efficiently and provided a platform for engagement between site and the business community.

The BHP Local Buying Program in Australia, delivered with a cost-neutral organization, C-Res is a full procurement-to-pay portal that allows eligible small local businesses to engage with BHP for direct competitive contracting opportunities of less than $US2 million. These businesses benefit from quicker-than-standard payment terms.