Gulf of Mexico Production Unit

Gulf of Mexico Production Unit

Our US Gulf of Mexico petroleum assets are large, long-life and expandable.

Gulf of Mexico at a glance

The Shenzi oil and gas field in the Gulf of Mexico is a joint venture (BHP 72% and Repsol S.A 28%) which we operate. We also own 25 per cent and 22 per cent, respectively, of the companies that own and operate the Caesar oil pipeline and the Cleopatra gas pipeline. These pipelines transport oil and gas from the Green Canyon area, where our US Gulf of Mexico fields are located, to connecting pipelines that transport product onshore.

2009First oil and natural gas production from Shenzi was in 2009.
1,310mShenzi is installed in 1,310 metres of water.
$505mIn 2020, we acquired a further 28% of Shenzi for $505 million.

Shenzi lies approximately 195 kilometres off the coast of Louisiana (United States) in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a stand-alone tension leg platform that is installed in 1,310 metres of water and is one of the deepest in the world.


Oil and gas extracted from petroleum is refined into different types of energy fuels and materials used in everyday products.

BHP’s commitment to the local community has been a life line for these small businesses.

Marcia Rushing

ART Catering, Louisiana, USA

Recent developments


On 22 May 2021 we announced we had completed a transaction to transfer our 35 per cent ownership interest and operatorship of the Neptune field to EnVen Energy Ventures. We will continue to operate Neptune under contract as part of the transition agreement until transfer of both operatorship and ownership are approved by the regulator.