Our Algerian operations comprise the Algeria Joint Interest Unit, located in the onshore Berkine Basin, 900 kilometres south-east of Algiers, that produces onshore oil and gas.

Algeria Joint Interest Unit at a glance

We hold an effective 29.2% interest in the Rhourde Ouled Djemma (ROD) Integrated Development joint interest unit. We process onshore oil and gas from six oil fields. The two largest fields – Rhourde Ouled Djemma (ROD) and Sif Fatima North-East (SF SFNE) – and four satellite oil fields pump oil back to a dedicated processing train. The oil is then sold on to international markets. ROD Integrated Development is jointly operated by Sonatrach and ENI.
$159MIn FY2020, the Algeria Joint Interest Unit contributed US$159 million in revenue.
2004Production at the asset commenced in 2004.
6We produce onshore oil and gas from six oil fields.


Oil and gas extracted from petroleum is refined into different types of energy fuels and materials used in everyday products.