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We have a plan, and we’re taking action.

The resources we produce are essential, now and for the future. And the world will need even more of many of them to transition to renewable energy and support global economic growth. We’re committed to helping the world reach the ambitions set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. We have a plan, and we’re taking action.


Building a better world - climate change briefing, 10 September 2020


Webcast Presentation Media Release Speech

It’s in the interests of our people, our business, our shareholders and our communities that BHP plays our part to address climate change.

Tackling climate change is the right thing to do and it will also strengthen our business in the long run. Our updated portfolio analysis demonstrates that our business can continue to thrive over the next 30 years, as the global community takes action to decarbonise, even under a Paris Agreement-aligned 1.5°C trajectory. By helping the world reduce emissions, we are also protecting our operations for the long term.


Our commitments to change

We know there is no easy route to the goal of a net zero world, but we are not seeking to do the easy thing.

Our goal is to be a net zero carbon operational emissions company by 2050.

We will work with our customers and suppliers to reduce their emissions.

And we’ll be accountable to our stakeholders.

A message from Mike Henry, CEO

We are taking real action to reduce emissions. We have set a goal of net zero emissions by 2050 for our operations. And we have announced goals to drive action not just in our business, but across sectors beyond ours. Not only that, but by seeking to work in partnership with others, we increase the chance that collectively, we achieve the outcome to which we all aspire.


Mike Henry
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