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Our Petroleum business comprises conventional oil and gas operations, and includes exploration, development and production activities.

BHP has owned oil and gas assets since the 1960s. We have high-margin conventional assets located in the US Gulf of Mexico, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Algeria, as well as appraisal and exploration options in Mexico, Deepwater Trinidad and Tobago, Western Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Canada and Barbados. We've recently announced our intent to create a global top 10 independent energy company through an agreement to pursue a merger of BHP’s Petroleum business with Woodside

Our conventional petroleum business includes exploration, appraisal, development and production activities. We produce crude oil and condensate, gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs) that are sold on the international spot market or delivered domestically under contracts with varying terms, depending on the location of the asset.


Geraldine Slattery 

Geraldine Slattery

President Petroleum

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Our Petroleum Business