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Newman health service

It takes a lot to make a small community a great community. While the majority of responsibility rests on the people within the community, the people within the community need the support of great services. Modern educational facilities, clean streets, social and entertainment venues, and ease of transport are just a few of the things needed to bring a community to life. 

Of course, one of the most important things needed to keep a community not only happy but also healthy are modern health facilities.

In the town of Newman, that’s exactly what the community are excited about – an updated  healthcare facility that delivers care closer to home and on country. With a population of just under 7,000, having modern healthcare facilities ensures that the community not only has access to high quality healthcare, but being so far away from other major towns and cities means they don’t need to travel far to get it. 

The redevelopment project, which includes contributions from BHP, includes

  • 12 inpatient beds
  • 6 emergency department bays
  • 2 dental chairs
  • 6 GP consult spaces
  • And dedicated rooms for consults, therapy, imaging and pathology.

For parents with young children, knowing that there are great healthcare facilities so close to home is reassuring. Roger, who has lived in Newman for four and a half years and has five young kids said ‘I just love living in Newman. It’s such a great place to rase kids. It’s so much quieter than Perth, and access to great places to go out bush. It’s great having these resources and services here that we need as families and our community.’

Ashlee, who has lived in Newman for seven years and now has a toddler and a newborn is also excited to have the new facilities. ‘It’s so great to have this in my town, because I’ve got two little ones, so it’s nice to have new updated facilities for everyone to use.’

The new and expanded facility has just recently opened right in the centre of town, bringing its services as close as possible to those who need it.

A healthy community is a strong community, and strong communities are what make Australia one of the best countries to live, no matter how far out you are.