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Equidad Educativa
Inequality and disadvantage lie at the heart of the global education challenge. Despite global progress in access to education in recent years, more than a quarter of a billion children remain out of school today. Hundreds of millions more are not learning when they are in school.

Quality education and learning is the pathway to building the skills and knowledge people need to seize opportunities to enhance their lives an their contribution to communities and societies. This means more children participate in education, are enabled to stay and thrive in school longer to gain a higher level of qualification and skills, and can success and prosper throughout their lives.

Our approach incorporates:

  • Identifying new and more effective ways to improve learning outcomes for the most underrepresented and at risk young people and bring evidence to the forefront of decision-making.
  • Supporting innovations that show promise and have the greatest potential to be scaled and replicated to increase equality, participation and attainment.
  • Driving more effective performance in education systems to enhance outcomes and impact including return on effort, investment and resources.
  • Empowering though leaders and advocating for policy decisions based on what works around the world.



Our Education Equity program is aligned to six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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