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Natural Resource Governance

The Natural Resource Governance Global Program seeks to harness the transformative power of natural resource wealth for sustainable and inclusive human development.  

Across the world, 1.8 billion people in resource-rich countries continue to live in poverty. Corruption and poor government of the world’s natural resources can divert much needed funds from critical development opportunities, which is denying citizens access to quality education, healthcare and other essential services. 

We seek to improve how natural resources are governed across the entire resource value chain – from initial exploration right through to the use of taxes and royalties in providing services to citizens.

To do this, we bring together business, government and civil society to collectively address common challenges aimed at eliminating corruption through purposeful transparency and effective capacity building. This includes giving citizens and civil society organizations meaningful, practical and accessibly information about revenue flows from the extraction of natural resources so they can use it to raise standards and create an evidence base about what works to share with others.

Our Natural Resource Governance Program is aligned to four key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: