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Fundación BHP

Programas por país: Estados Unidos
The BHP Foundation works to improve long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability at a national level through Country Programs in Australia, Canada, Chile and the United States. These complement the work of the Foundation’s Global Programs. 
In the United States we are focused on driving transformative change in these areas:
  • Harnessing the potential of young people through quality education with a focus on girls, non-English speakers and Native Americans. In doing so we aspire to see more girls and young people from disadvantaged groups benefit from educational opportunities which improve career pathways, economic opportunities and enable self- determined futures.
  • Enabling positive change for Native Americans by supporting self-determination initiatives, which recognise and build on existing capabilities and perspectives. In doing so, more Native Americans recognise that the enhanced governance and institutional capacity of organisations which represent or provide services to them, contribute to improvements in their quality of life; and enhanced preservation, reinforcement and promotion of Indigenous culture and traditions contributing to a more culturally aware and respectful society.
  • Enhancing the governance and management of water resources for the benefit of society and to ensure sustainable access to clean water for future generations. Our aspiration is increased public awareness of enhanced evidence-based public policy frameworks for the sustainable use of water resources.
We have a number of Projects in various stages of development, and more information on specific Projects will be shared soon.  

Our country programs