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Environmental Resilience

The Environmental Resilience Global Program seeks to support new ways of conserving and managing large-scale globally significant natural environments for the benefit of future generations.

Wherever we live in the world, we need resilient natural environments to survive and thrive. 

Natural environments preserve biodiversity, maintain water resources and help society respond to climate change. Yet the demands of a growing world population are placing unprecedented pressure on finite land and water resources and accelerating biodiversity loss. This pressure is further amplified by climate change.

For Indigenous peoples with a profound connection to and dependence eon traditional lands, natural ecosystems also support their livelihoods and cultures and must be conserved for the benefit of future generations. 

Our approach incorporates:
- Delivering high-impact, enduring interventions in areas of international significance.
- Engaging with people who live in the landscapes, involve them in our efforts, build their capacity and support their livelihoods.
- Initiating projects that enhance policy frameworks and mobilize markets to better value carbon, water and biodiversity.
- Piloting new approaches and share learnings so others can take them on with confidence.
- Supporting the aspirations of Indigenous people to manage their traditional lands for a range of economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes.

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Our Environmental Resilience program is aligned to six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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