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BHP Operational Review for the year ended 30 June 2023

BHP Operational Review for the year ended 30 June 2023 (890 KB PDF)

BHP Operational Review for the year ended 30 June 2023 (382 KB Excel)

BHP Chief Executive Officer, Mike Henry:

“The financial year was marked by the deaths of Jody Byrne and Nathan Scholz. These tragic events underscore the absolute importance of safety and we are resolute in our commitment to eliminating fatalities and serious injuries at BHP.

“BHP finished the year with a strong fourth quarter, increasing annual production across the board and achieving annual records at WAIO, Olympic Dam and Spence. WAIO shipped record volumes on the back of productivity in its supply chain, rail network and car dumpers, while South Flank completed its deployment of autonomous haul trucks in May and is on track to ramp up to full production in the next 12 months. Olympic Dam’s improved reliability and productivity delivered record annual output in copper, gold and silver, and the integration of OZ Minerals into our South Australian copper business is expected to lift production to between 310 and 340 kt in FY24. At Escondida, the team managed through operational challenges to deliver solid production and position the asset to increase output further in FY24. Our Queensland coal operations achieved strong underlying performance including the transition to autonomous fleets at Goonyella Riverside and Daunia, offsetting the impact of significant wet weather.

“Inflationary pressures impacted our business in the year, and we remain laser focused on safety and productivity to remain competitive. Competitiveness will be ever more important as we enter the new financial year and at a time when there are new challenges and opportunities to resource development and global economic volatility.

“BHP’s portfolio is geared towards high quality steelmaking and growth options in future facing commodities. The Jansen potash project in Canada remains ahead of plan and studies for Stage 2 are progressing. Through the year, BHP made strategic investments and exploration progress in copper and nickel prospects globally, including Kabanga in Tanzania, Oak Dam in Australia, Filo Mining with the Filo del Sol project in Argentina and Chile, and Ocelot in the United States, as well as Serbia and Peru.”