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BHP Petroleum establishes US$2 million Community Relief Fund

BHP will establish a US$2 million Fund to support communities in proximity to BHP’s operations in North America and Trinidad and Tobago, aimed at supporting health services and other community needs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic response.
The establishment of the Community Relief Fund follows BHP’s implementation of emergency measures to support cash flow to suppliers for small and local businesses that support the Petroleum business.

Geraldine Slattery, President Operations Petroleum said: “BHP stands shoulder to shoulder with the communities where we operate. Our Company has a critical role to play in the collective efforts to defeat this virus, and its impacts on our people and our neighbors. From the continued safe operation of our business and protecting the well-being of our people to offering our small business partners reduced payment terms and donating much needed funds to our community partners, BHP is committed to doing our part for our people, our community and our economy.”

“People are feeling a lot of uncertainty right now and we’re making this commitment to provide some reassurance that companies like BHP, are going to be there and support in any way that we can.”

The Fund spend will focus on the regions surrounding BHP’s Petroleum operations and areas of business. So far, BHP Petroleum has made commitments to support organizations/projects like:

Local and regional health and wellness programs

  • Project Cure: donation for PPE for medical professionals in Houston ($250,000 USD)
  • Feed the Frontline: effort to employ Houston restaurant workers and provide meals for medical workers ($100,000 USD)
  • Extending mental health services to first responders in Trinidad and Tobago ($100,000 USD)
  • Bayou Community Foundation for healthcare and mental health counseling ($100,000 USD)
  • Several health initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago ($350,000 USD) and in Mexico ($100,000 USD)

Essential community services

  • Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund ($250,000 USD)
  • Terrebonne Economic Development Agency ($500,000 USD)
  • Local First Arizona Foundation small business relief fund ($100,000 USD)

Going forward, the Fund will continue to allocate resources to much needed projects identified through our work with community leaders and partners.  BHP is also working with others in the industry to identify and support united efforts to address the impact of COVID-19.

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