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Ocean Bottom Node Survey in the Western Gulf of Mexico applying existing technology in a novel way

BHP Petroleum’s Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) Survey in the Western Gulf of Mexico is the first exploration specific OBN, which utilized proven seismic technologies to address challenges in imaging sub-salt stratigraphy. It is also a great example of existing technology being applied in a novel way, in order to progress BHP's exploration efforts in that region.

The milestone project was shared recently by BHP’s Head of Innovation, Michelle Thomas, who delivered a presentation at the Around the World Series at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2019. Now in its 50th year, the conference attracts thousands of energy professionals from around the world and is held every year at the NRG park in Houston, Texas.

At the Around the World Series, BHP joined several other Australian companies in talking about technology and innovation in their business operations. Michelle provided some insight on why this was an exciting opportunity for BHP:

“The history of the Gulf of Mexico is one of technology evolving in lockstep with exploration to allow us to drill deeper and more complicated targets over time,” explained Michelle. "Ocean Bottom Node technology is proven seismic technology – and BHP took it one step further by demonstrating remarkable agility and boldness in defining our competitive advantage in the Western GOM. The novel application of this innovative technology to address the sub-salt imaging challenge in the Western GOM has decidedly pushed the envelope in terms of scale, scope and application."

Learn more about the OBN Survey by watching this video: