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Samarco (Brazil) Update

On 2 March 2016, BHP Billiton announced that Samarco Mineração S.A (Samarco), Vale and BHP Billiton Brasil LTDA (BHP Billiton Brasil) had entered into an agreement (Agreement) with the Federal Attorney General of Brazil, the States of Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais and certain other public authorities (Brazilian Authorities) for the restoration of the environment and communities affected by the Samarco dam failure.   

On 5 May 2016, the Federal Court of Appeal in Brasilia ratified the Agreement. 

The Agreement provides a framework that Samarco, its shareholders and the Brazilian Authorities agree is the best way of managing the ongoing response to the Samarco tragedy.  The Agreement creates a Foundation that will put in place a comprehensive range of programs to address the social, economic and environmental consequences of the dam failure.  The programs will be informed by science and reflect the needs of the community.    

BHP Billiton’s previous announcement on the framework agreement is available here.

For more information, please see our News Release.