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CEO Statement on Business and Climate Change and the Paris Negotiations

Climate change is a significant business issue and we take it seriously. Today, AGL, BHP Billiton, GE, Mirvac, Santos, Unilever, Wesfarmers and Westpac Group published a statement from our CEOs supporting the Australian government in securing an effective outcome from the Paris climate change negotiations in December.

We support Australia’s bipartisan commitment to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, alongside other nations within an international agreement. Australia can play its fair part in these global efforts. Early global agreement on the steps to achieve this goal will allow for a responsible transition to decarbonised and sustainable economic development.

Businesses, governments and the community all have a role to play and a responsibility to contribute to solutions. We want to play our part.

Read the signed statement (PDF 465kb)


We represent a diverse group of companies from the energy, resources, retail, infrastructure, technology, consumer goods, property, services, banking and finance sectors. Together we employ over 620,000 people across 175 countries. Between us we provide products and services to the majority of Australians. We also emit around 12 per cent of Australia’s national greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on the companies’ climate change policies and the actions they are individually taking see below.

For media enquiries please see contacts below.

BHP Billiton

Paul Hitchins
Media Relations Specialist
M: 0419 315 001
T: (03) 9609 2592


Kathryn Lamond
Media Manager
M:0424 465 464
T: 02 9921 2170


Joanne Woo
Director, External Communications,
Brand and Public Affairs
M: 0409 330 731
T: (03) 8576 7039


Marie Festa
Group Executive, Culture and Reputation
T: (02) 9080 8956


Rob Malinauskas
Manager, Media Relations
M: 0438 862 132
T: (08) 8116 5918


Emma Peacock
Head of Sustainable
Business and Communications
T: (02) 9869 6100


Alan Carpenter
Executive General Manager,
Corporate Affairs
T: (08) 9327 4267

Kate Chaney
Sustainability Manager,
Corporate Affairs
T: (08) 9327 4205

Westpac Group

Andrew Tubb
Senior Manager, Media, Corporate Affairs
and Sustainability
M: 0411 014 771
T: (02) 8254 3118

Supported by The Climate Institute

See the signed statement (PDF 337kb)