Meet Samantha from Caval Ridge Mine

Samantha started at Caval ridge in 2013 when it was being constructed as an operator of moxy’s (articulated dump trucks), water carts and the smaller sized diggers. A 2-month contract turned into a 3-year contract and when that finished, she went off travelling for a year. Sam then returned to Caval Ridge and joined the Mine Services team.

She absolutely loved her operator role building roads, extending the ROM and other construction jobs on site. In 2020 Sam applied for the BHP Supervisor Development Course.

The Supervisor Development Program aims to encourage supervisors to feel supported in their role as a leader and have a clear sense of purpose and understanding about what it means to be in that role.

It was created to deliver a consistent learning framework and experience for all supervisors to address the critical technical and professional capabilities needed to carry out the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor.

Following Sam’s submission of her application, she was advised of her acceptance into the program at Daunia Mine.

“This was an incredible opportunity for me, not only did I get to learn a whole new role and different ways of working, but I also got to learn this at a new mine site,” she said.

“It was an amazing program, because I got to understand the mining process from the start to the end and I got to experience and understand each of the stages of operations within that.”

Thomas Brough Superintendent of Mine Services at Caval Ridge said Sam’s career progression was a good news story within BMA.

“Sam has worked her way up through different roles, completed the supervisor development program and has recently been appointed a permanent Supervisor role within the coal crew here at Caval,” he said.

“She’s always willing to step up, work hard and encourage others to strengthen their skills, Sam is a wonderful team member.”

Sam said that being Loading Supervisor for the B Crew Coal at Caval Ridge has helped to propel her career to the next level. Mentioning that she has a great crew, who makes going to work worthwhile and enjoyable.

“The absolute best part about my job is being able to develop my team members and help them to gain knowledge in lots of different types of machinery which contribute to the overall success of the organisation,” she said.

“There is a wealth of knowledge and support at BMA, the crews are diverse and dynamic, and the people are what makes this role so interesting – there’s also great opportunities within the company too.”

Sam works on a FIFO roster. She says it’s not for everyone, but it offers her an amazing way of life, especially for the way she is able to spend her time when she’s not at work.

“We’ve bought some land and are planning to build on it. It’s so great to be able to go out there with my husband and dog Frank and just being able to relax.”

Congratulations Samantha! Thanks for sharing your story.