Welcome to BHP - An induction to FIFO Life

Welcome to BHP!

Easing the anxiety of people’s first trip to site and a new career in FIFO is the goal of our new Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO) Village induction video.

Non Process Infrastructure (NPI) Village Experience Superintendent Kristy Campbell said while travelling to site is routine for so many of us, it’s also the unknown for hundreds of employees and contractors every year.

“We wanted to create a video to show what people can expect on their first trip to site,” Kristy said.

“It’s all about improving the experience of working for BHP, as it’s easy to forget just how daunting the first day, first flight and first trip to site can be.

“We’ve tried to capture and explain what people can expect, while also showing off what life at BHP is like in the Pilbara. The video aims to reduce any anxiety a new starter and their families may have about travelling to a FIFO site.

“While not all our villages are the same, the experience and culture of our teams are shared across our sites in WA and that’s what we wanted to highlight.”

Featuring real BHP employees who auditioned to be presenters, the new induction video will be made available to all new starters at BHP and is part of a larger scope of works our Village Experience team are undertaking to improve the amenities, services and safety across all WAIO villages.

WAIO NPI General Manager Kate Holling wanted to thank the team for showcasing BHP in such a spectacular fashion.

“Our team is passionate about making positive change to village life,” Kate said.

“Whether it is new doors for safety, or new pillows for comfort our team is working round the clock to feed, house and support our 11,000 residents across our 11 villages.”