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BHP wins Champion of Good 2022 award in Singapore

BHP has been conferred the prestigious Champion of Good for 2022 award by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) in Singapore.

BHP was among 112 organisations nationwide that judges recognised and commended for their strategic thought and unwavering support of communities in need through the Covid-19 pandemic, and particularly over the last year.

Vice President of Maritime and Supply Chain Excellence, Rashpal Bhatti accepted the award on BHP’s behalf at an event in Singapore that was presided over by the Company of Good under NVPC, and with Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Lawrence Wong in attendance.

Rashpal is also the Executive Sponsor of The Singapore Community (TSC), BHP Singapore’s employee-led volunteer effort that focuses on giving back to our communities in Singapore.

“It is a very proud moment for all of us at BHP, particularly as the first mining company to be awarded this recognition, and I feel privileged to be here on behalf of everyone at BHP and TSC who made this possible,” said Rashpal.

“Social Value is embedded in our DNA and in everything that we do at BHP, and this award will go a long way to inspire all those in our organisation who voluntarily and selflessly give to the various communities in Singapore. At the same time, this award is a huge testament that through good times and bad, BHP continues to enable funding for such meaningful work to grow,” he added.

Sparsh Deep Singh, Lead Principal, Functional Performance & Improvement at BHP and Co-Chair of TSC, was also at the event and was previously a part of NVPC’s Company of Good Fellowship program. Sparsh was equally enthused about the award and highlighted the important role BHP has been playing in enabling other organisations in Singapore with their learning journeys.

“Being part of NVPC’s Company of Good Fellowship, learning and interacting with so many like-minded participants was not only an eye-opener but also provided us an opportunity to showcase our impact through TSC’s initiatives,” said Sparsh.

“I would like to thank the passionate volunteers at TSC and in BHP who have generously given their time and effort to the various causes so far and my wish is for more of our colleagues to join us in our journey at TSC, to participate in existing programs and to develop new initiatives so that we can expand our reach to more beneficiaries in Singapore and multiply the positive impact,” he added.

BHP and TSC have contributed both time and resources to a range of beneficiaries in Singapore, including frontline healthcare workers and the Project Dignity partnership, to people with disabilities and assistance to the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped, as well as the Partnerships for Resilience in Asia Fund that has benefitted various communities, including the elderly, children, migrant workers, single mothers and women at risk, helping them deal with the impact of COVID on their lives.