Partnering with Port Hedland businesses to rejuvenate the iconic Bungalow

We’ve partnered with local Port Hedland businesses to rejuvenate the iconic Bungalow and surrounding area.

The Bungalow has been closed to allow for the works to take place which are key to ensuring the longevity of the historic building.

Local Indigenous business, Bardbenya Resources, was contracted to transform the outside surrounding area.

Jefferey Bennings, Bardbenya Resources said: “It was rewarding for BHP to give us a go and helping to coach us along the way.” 

In addition, local business Hedland Building, have been busy upgrading the outdoor decking.

Owner of Hedland Building Joel Agius said: “This opportunity will allow us to grow and employ local people.”

BHP Community Infrastructure Execution Supervisor West End Paul Stott said partnering with local businesses has been extremely rewarding.

“The fact that BHP is retaining these buildings – they’re real feel-good projects. I don’t think I’ve ever had such job fulfilment in twelve years at BHP,” he said.

In 2020 the Bungalow was transformed into a retail space where Port Hedland’s creative and small business community could thrive.

Tessa Hughes, from the Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce, said small business owners are looking forward to returning to the renovated Bungalow.

“We’re all extremely excited to see the Bungalow refreshed and open for business,” Tessa said.

The Bungalow is set to re-open in October 2022