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Meet Jad, Chief People Officer at BHP

Jad Vodopija became BHP’s Chief People Officer (CPO) on 1 July 2022. As CPO Jad is responsible for delivering innovative people and culture strategies, programs and policies to support the employment and development of BHP’s employees globally and ensuring the company has the right people and capabilities to deliver its strategy.



What’s the best thing about working at BHP?

Our ambition, which is captured best in our purpose (to bring people and resources together to build a better world) and the difference we can make.
After spending time outside of BHP, I returned in 2019.  My time away provided me with a clearer perspective both to the privileged position we have in society and also with a healthy sense of unease about how much more we are capable of achieving, given all that we have at our disposal.  Personally, as a daughter of migrant parents who arrived in a foreign country without means, I intrinsically understand how work changes lives and shapes future generations; this personal history, in many ways drives me as a CPO.

Fast forward to 2050. BHP is…

We are the envy of the industry; safe and consistent operational performance is our hallmark, leading competitors in ways many thought improbable. 

We have stopped talking about our reliability and we have created the perfect space and platform for our teams to embrace the full breadth of our accountability and drive business performance.  BOS (BHP Operating System) is completely integrated throughout the whole company and the results are speaking for themselves.

I believe BHP will set the benchmark on social value, safety, performance, reputation and be ‘the employer of choice’.

On the job

What is your first priority as the new CPO?

I’ve been in the role just over a month now and while that doesn’t sound like a long time there has been a lot of work underway in the background to start to shape my vision for the HR Function and translate this into a plan we can all take to action.

We have worked hard over the past few years, dealing with a lot of different challenges, whilst also supporting the business. We are performing consistently, and this is due to all the hard work of our people, which has given us the perfect foundations to amplify the positive impact we can have on this great company.

Over the next few months, I’ll be working with our teams to see how we can further enhance HR’s strategic impact and be more effective in bringing our work to life for our customers. 

I also look forward to getting out a bit more and meeting our people!

What are your key focus areas for HR – what would you keep the same or change?

My focus coming into the role is based purely upon the excellent foundations the team have set. We have made inroads, unquestionably in our journey for gender balance, as well as the work undertaken to develop a unique management system, which we agree, delivers strategic value for BHP. 

Our culture too is being recognised by investors as a key aspect of our operational success.  Taking all this, I now want to ensure:

  • We’re future ready, by being organisationally fit and ready to take advantage of new opportunities
  • We will activate our full potential through BOS, whereby our performance culture will be grounded in accountability and fuelled by collaboration
  • And, we will unlock the true value of diversity, going beyond inclusion, to a deep sense of belonging built on psychological safety and interconnectedness.

Off the record

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

My kids sports! My eldest daughter rows which means I’m out of bed around 4.30am a couple of mornings a week. I also see a personal trainer and we all know what they’re like if you miss a session! I’m a busy mum of three kids, all who have better social lives than me, so more often than not I’m in bed early and rise early to keep up with everything.

What are you reading or watching on Netflix right now? 

I’m reading a lot of Board papers right now! I also like watching Netflix, but again, with three kids all controlling the remote, I’m often reduced to watching their favourite things (needless to say, I am now an expert on Marvel movies!).