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Celebrating Western Australia Iron Ore graduate apprentices

Some amazing tradespeople from across WA Iron Ore operations celebrated their apprenticeship graduation this week, and it was a night to remember!

There was no PPE in sight as 35 of our graduating apprentices exchanged overalls for evening wear and officially received their trade certificates from South Flank General Manager Steve Campbell at WAIO’s first ever graduation event held in Perth.

Alisha Halse, Superintendent Pathways & Infrastructure said around 85 apprentices, who started their apprenticeships four years ago and trained at many WAIO sites, were now fully qualified auto-electricians, electricians, plumbers, heavy diesel mechanics and fitters and mechanical fitters.

“The WA Iron Ore Apprenticeship Program is a critical learning pathway embedded across our business, which offers training and employment opportunities for many people based in both regional communities in which we operate, and other areas of the State,” Alisha said.

“Getting an apprenticeship role at BHP, is highly competitive – we get thousands of applications each year to join the program, and the calibre of our apprentices and now our fully qualified tradespeople, is exceptional”.

As a former electrical apprentice, Steve said he understood the value of an apprenticeship, and the strong career foundation it offered.

“My electrical apprenticeship set me up to take on many different operational roles that have strengthened my skills and experience and leadership opportunities,” he said.

“More than ever before, we are an inclusive and diverse operation at BHP, and in teams like our apprentices where this is best demonstrated, we outperform other operations on a range of measures, including lower injury rates, better adherence to workplans, and improvement ability to meet production targets.”

Congratulations to all of our new tradespeople in WA Iron Ore for finishing your apprenticeships!