Sir John Monash Foundation

Building Australia’s future: Celebrating 10 years of John Monash scholars

BHP is celebrating 10 years of partnership with Sir John Monash Foundation, today announcing a five-year partnership renewal supporting postgraduate scholarships.

Our $4 million investment over the past decade has enabled the postgraduate research of 12 bright Australians, whose leadership, talent and vision across will have an enduring impact on our future.

An afternoon tea in our Melbourne office brought together Mike Henry, CEO; Caroline Cox, Chief Legal Governance and EA Officer; as well as Sir John Monash Foundation CEO, Annemarie Rolls; Board Members and scholars.

“BHP has proudly partnered with the Foundation since 2012, supporting postgraduate scholarships for outstanding Australians, many of whom have furthered their studies in fields that matter to us at BHP, like STEM, Indigenous affairs and sustainability,” said Mike Henry.

“Scientist, Maja Arsic is working in the field of food security and sustainability. In August last year we sanctioned the Jansen project in Canada, which will produce potash used in fertilisers, to help increase food production through more sustainable farming. 

“And this year’s scholar, Dr Isabel Hanson, is a GP with a passion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. Wherever we work around the world, BHP seeks to respect the rights of Indigenous peoples, and partner with them to contribute to their sustainable long-term socioeconomic empowerment, community development priorities and cultural wellbeing,” Mike said.

“Together, our aim is to foster leadership, expertise and international networks, as well as build Australia’s capabilities for the future.”