Helping build a more equitable path for young LGBTIQ Australians

By supporting young LGBTIQ+ Australians through educational scholarships and mentoring support, BHP’s partnership with The Pinnacle Foundation is creating a more equitable path for young LGBTIQ+ people to realise their potential.

BHP has been a proud supporter of The Pinnacle Foundation since 2019, becoming a principal partner in 2021, and providing four multi-year educational scholarships – one for each of our major operating areas in Queensland, South Australia, and two in Western Australia.

The Pinnacle Foundation is a national charity providing opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to reclaim their path, and overcome challenges arising from how they identify. In addition to providing at risk LGTBIQ+ youth with mentoring and networking opportunities to support their future career pathways, the Foundation also awards scholarships to students aged between 18 and 26 to complete fulltime study at public higher education institutions in Australia (university or Tafe) to achieve educational or vocational qualifications in any profession, trade, or the arts.

Applications for multi-year Pinnacle Foundation scholarships commencing in 2023 are now open until 31 August 2022. Apply now at

Watch BHP scholarship recipients Darcy (he/him), David (he/him), Isabella (they/them), and John (he/him) share their stories and the impact The Pinnacle Foundation has made on their life.

Our partnership with The Pinnacle Foundation was secured through the focused efforts of Jasper – our LGBTIQ+ ally employee resource group. The group aim to drive a safe, inclusive and supportive work environment for everyone by providing advice on ways to reduce bias and ensure LGBTIQ+ people are respected and valued irrespective of their sexual and/or gender identity or intersex status.

CEO & managing director of The Pinnacle Foundation, Andrew Staite, says he’s very grateful for BHP’s sustained commitment to the Pinnacle program and our Company’s work to help educate and inform people of the value of inclusion and belonging.

“This year, we supported 72 scholars across the country, thanks to BHP’s generous support, and that of other donors and partners. We hope to support close to 80 scholars in 2023.”

Last year, BHP extended the partnership with the Foundation to 2025, committing AUD$200,000 towards the continuation of multi-year educational scholarships for LGBTIQ+ youth in regional, rural, and remote areas where we operate.

There is a great need in regional communities for LGBTIQ+ youth to access education and employment opportunities in a fair and equitable manner, and Jasper’s Executive co-sponsor, Elsabe Muller, said BHP is committed to helping The Pinnacle Foundation reach young at-risk LGBTIQ+ Australians all around Australia.

“There is an increased disadvantage faced by young people in regional Australia and our partnership with the Foundation will help extend and expand support and opportunities to young LGBTIQ+ people from regional areas,” said Elsabe.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported to pursue their dreams wherever they may be.”

The Foundation takes a holistic approach to the support it provides LGBTIQ+ youth to drive long-term, sustainable and equitable change. This aligns with our charter values of fairness, equity, and equality, and BHP is committed to opening further opportunities for our scholars to have more access to BHP through mentoring opportunities.

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