Data engineer

Meet Dan: mining data and laughs at BHP

You could say I ‘married into mining’ when, 17 years ago as a self-employed mechanic, my future wife rolled in with her broken down car. She introduced me to mining during a trip to her hometown, and mining heartland, Singleton NSW and I joined BHP as part of the field maintenance team at Mount Arthur Coal.

During my time at BHP, I have worked with the some of the best people you could ever meet. From tradespeople onsite, to corporate professionals in our functions and great leaders who have helped me to develop my career.

From mechanic to automation, my career path has opened my eyes to the role of technology and the positive impact it can contribute to the front line. In 2016, I took a big career leap into the Technology team as a Technology Business Partner.

Six years on, I am now a Business Data Coach in the Data Strategy team and we look at defining how BHP will collect and connect data to make us safer, more productive and a more valuable business. To me data is a commodity just like iron ore, copper or coal. We extract it, refine it and monetise it — and the best thing is, we make more of it every day.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my wife and two daughters, as well as cycling and watching the AFL (Go Richmond Tigers!). I have a passion for writing and performing stand-up comedy. When I booked my first gig, I invited a few colleagues along for support, word got out and almost the whole Brisbane office turned up. Happy to say it went really well! 

To learn more more about Data at BHP watch this video.