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Meet Talina

Meet Talina, a mechanical fitter at Olympic Dam, South Australia.

Talina is one of our BHP apprentices through PEER, and recently rose to the top of nearly 200 second year apprentices to be named best of the best in South Australia - across all types of apprenticeships.

Talina started university studying marine biology, before deciding that wasn't for her. "I never thought I would be a tradie. I thought after school I am going to uni." she said. Talina eventually started working as a machine operator in Adelaide and in 2019 she moved to Roxby Downs. Her desire to learn resulted in her starting formal qualifications and an apprenticeship with BHP through PEER.

Talina is halfway through the second year of her apprenticeship, which includes a certificate three in engineering. Through her apprenticeship, Talina has enjoyed working across many areas at Olympic Dam, starting in a workshop, then moving underground to the mine, and now working up on the surface in the smelter. Along the way she is collecting skills and tickets in not just the required subjects but extras as well. 

"I have done all the things I have to do in the apprenticeship, I just think if I can get others now I will finish with two extra tickets, then I should be set for what I need. Hopefully landing a job as a tradie." Talina said.

Congratulations on all your achievements to date Talina!