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Transforming education through family engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the topic of families and schools working together to educate children at the centre of virtually every country’s education debate. Teachers around the world report developing creative ways of engaging with parents to help their students learn at home, including strategies they would like to continue even after pandemic is over. In turn, parents have responded to these new remote-learning experiences and new forms of communication.

Focussed on family-school collaboration, the Center for Universal Education at Brookings’s Project, supported by the BHP Foundation, aims to help transform education to better provide all young people with the skills needed to thrive in work, life, and citizenship in the 21st century.

One critical aspect is the need for families and schools to develop a shared understanding about what a good quality education looks like, as research indicates schools with strong family engagement are ten times more likely to improve student learning outcomes. After interviews and surveys with 25,000 parents, 6,000 teachers, and 50 partners from around the world, the Project published a playbook with evidence-based strategies and other hands-on tools that school leaders and their partners can adapt in their local contexts to leapfrog education inequality.

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