Rag Udd

Rag Udd visits Brazil

In late January, Rag Udd President Minerals Americas visited Brazil to further understand the work that is being done to ensure full and fair remediation for the Fundão dam failure.

During his trip, Rag met with part of the BHP Brazil team in Belo Horizonte and visited two resettlement projects, including:

  • the Bento Rodrigues resettlement, where 47 houses have been completed and several others are under construction;
  • the Paracatu resettlement, where he saw the first set of houses and public buildings under construction.

He also toured the Germano complex where Samarco restarted its activities with focusing on the safety and sustainability of its operations.

“The 2021 results have been great, and communities and states are already benefiting from the operations”.

Hear more from Rag about his visit and the progress of our remediation efforts on the video.