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Nuestra Voz - Our Voice

The BHP Foundation supports two initiatives in Chile - Nuestra Voz and Enabling Social Dialogue for Conflict Resolution - encouraging social participation and dialogue to address the root causes of the 2019 social unrest.  Our aim is to enhance the ability of citizens to participate in decision-making and enable more effective dialogue and participation mechanisms to strengthen democracy and contribute to a more cohesive and respectful society.

Nuestra Voz, was born from a conviction that the views and priorities of women should be far more visible to decision makers and an integral part of the solution for the country to meet the challenges ahead. So far, the views of 16,000 Chilean women have been captured through digital platforms, and an analysis of their insights have been incorporated into discussions around the country’s new Constitution. Led by the Kodea Foundation, the outcomes from this initiative are being amplified giving Chilean society access to data on women’s views on the major issues under deliberation. It also demonstrates how technology can help strengthen citizen participation and democracy.

The role that technology and scientific knowledge can play in promoting gender quality was the topic of a session at the recent Congreso Futuro in Chile – the leading scientific forum in South America. “Digitised: Hacking the binary" was jointly organized by the Nuestra Voz collaborative project and BHP Foundation, with support from the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation. Dedicated to highlighting and reflecting on the gender gaps that still persist in society, it broke down gender myths and prejudices that have historically limited women.

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