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The power of sharing lived experience stories in the workplace

Five years ago, our colleague Chris Warner made the decision to start sharing his story about his mental health challenges.

Having managed an anxiety condition for many years, Chris is passionate about mental health and creating a workplace environment where people feel safe to speak out and seek support.

He leads by example and during our Mental Health Month in May, he candidly shared his story, to help others understand what living with a mental illness is like and his advice for supporting others or seeking help for yourself.

Now, in a joint project with the Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health (GBC), Chris shares his lived experience in this video, where he is joined by his family and colleagues to discuss the impact Chris has had by so openly sharing his story.

“I feel so blessed to have been able to take part in this video. It's been over five years since I started sharing my story across the business. Although scary at the beginning, it's been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's given me a renewed purpose in life.”

The GBC will be promoting Chris’s video as a case study throughout the GBC founding partner network to showcase the important role lived experience stories play in improving workplace mental health.