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Restoring a vital link between people and nature

A new, first of its kind diploma course is giving teachers in one of Peru’s most biodiverse regions valuable knowledge and understanding of the link between people and nature.

The Diploma in Andean Amazonian Biodiversity and Intercultural Education was developed by PRATEC and the local Awajún communities with the support of Conservational International and BHP Foundation.

The course captures the knowledge and unique connection of the Indigenous Awajún communities in Morroyacu, Alto Mayo, Alto Naranjillo, Shampuyacu, and Huascayacu to nature, providing an essential educational resource.

Local teachers are taught the importance and relevance of ancestral Indigenous knowledge to help in the fight against climate change.

According to Awajún culture, the key to protecting the ecosystems of the Amazon is an understanding that nature is not an object that belongs to us, but a ‘person’ with whom we must work together to build the future.

Milagros Oblitas, Indigenous Peoples Coordinator for Conservation International says compiling the knowledge of the Indigenous Awajún communities was the first step to restoring harmony in nature.

‘With this knowledge, we can make more informed, collective decisions to help ensure a more sustainable future,” says Milagros.

By restoring the links between people and nature, the course is expected to strengthen the knowledge base and resources of local leaders and teachers.

The inaugural diploma commenced virtually in October 2021 with 20 teachers from the Awajún native communities of the provinces of Rioja and Moyobamba, in the region of San Martin, Peru.

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Reversing the trends of forest loss and degradation in the Amazon is one of the most pressing global sustainable development challenges of our time.  With our support Conservational International in Peru is helping Awajun Indigenous communities and migrant farmers become effective stewards of the landscape’s natural resources.

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