Saraji Truck Bodies Pink and Blue

Saraji Mine add some bright colours to the coal face

'How can we show our support?" The team at BMA's Saraji Mine were looking for ways to create a visible symbol of inclusion and diversity across site when the idea of painted truck trays came to light.


After much planning and collaboration, Saraji will see five new truck trays delivered - all representing different causes to celebrate and show their support.


Pauline Royal, Operations Manager Saraji Mine, said the trays are a great way to start conversations and get more people asking what it's all about. 


"Each tray is more than 50 tonnes and over 10 metres tall so you really can't miss them!" Pauline said.


"We wanted to raise awareness for all our people and show that we accept, acknowledge and respect all without judgement - and this is why we think Saraji is such a great place to work."


Of the five trays, Saraji will see a blue tray for mental wellness, pink for female diversity, a tray with Indigenous artwork, teal for Jasper - our LGBTI+ ally network - and a truck emblazoned with working with disabilities artwork.


"It really was a team effort and a special thanks to Peak Downs who had their maintenance apprentice, Will Burgess, come and spend time capturing some fantastic footage to show off our new trucks!"


Dan Iliffe, General Manager Saraji Mine, said the trays had already kicked off conversations around site and would serve as a reminder that Saraji and BMA embrace diversity in our workforce.


"It's been great hearing many of our team mates share why this was important to them and I hope to see this continue," Dan said.


"We hope that when people walk through our gates they know they're walking into a place that accepts everyone."


"Another big thanks to the Saraji Inclusion and Diversity Council and our Engineering team who worked together to deliver this great initiative."