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Local Indigenous businesses awarded greening contract

The Indigenous owned and operated nursery, IBN Services in Port Hedland, has been awarded a contract by Greening Australia to provide more than 5,000 plants for the establishment of a trial and demonstration site of the planned West End vegetation barrier, as part of BHP’s Pilbara Air Quality Program.

IBN Services will provide a range of locally grown Indigenous plants that grow in challenging soil conditions and capture dust. They have been selected for the vegetation barrier for this reason.

Greening Australia have also appointed Indigenous-owned landscaping company, Yurra, to do the on-ground works.

BHP General Manager Port Operations, Nilson Davila, said: “We are pleased to partner with Greening Australia, IBN Services and Yurra on the first phase of the vegetation barrier. This is an important step that will improve local amenity as part of BHP’s $300 million Pilbara Air Quality Program.

“Research supports the use of vegetation to capture dust and we believe vegetation barriers could be used across the West End and other key locations in Port Hedland.

“This contract is another example of our commitment to create opportunities for local Indigenous businesses.”

Greening Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Ian Rollins, said: “We’re glad to have IBN Services’ and Yurra’s invaluable knowledge and skills in growing regional species and landscaping locally for this project.

“The plants we use will be key to the success of our science-led, practical approach to create vegetation barriers as physical and visual screens for the Port Hedland community, improving air quality and local amenity.”

IBN Services Manager, Evelyn Kroczek, said: “This is an important contract for our business as we will have several people working to fulfil this order.”

Planting is due to commence in May 2021 along Wilson and Anderson Street.

“BHP is committed to ensuring Port Hedland remains a great place to live and work, having spent A$400 million on dust related control measures over the past decade. Our Air Quality Program continues that work and will engage local businesses and create local jobs as we look to further improve dust levels across our supply chain,” said Mr Davila.