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Transforming the impact of business investment in education

Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic forced 1.5 billion children out of their classrooms overnight, 260 million children globally were not attending school and more than 800 million children were not on track to learn the most basic skills while going to school.

But with education at the heart of solving many of the world’s biggest challenges, there’s a huge opportunity to align the priorities of the global business community and public education systems.

That’s where a new global partnership between the BHP Foundation and the Global Business Coalition for Education intends to make an impact. 

Every year the global business community invests $4 billion in education initiatives – but without access to tools and resources that can give confidence that these investments will actually impact learning outcomes.

The Business Investment for Education Impact (BIEI) initiative will develop new tools and resources that will make it easier for businesses to make informed decisions to maximize the impact of education investments.

BIEI aims to contribute to transformative change in education. By bringing together civil society, the public sector, business and other stakeholders, they’re looking to enhance return on investment of the $4 billion currently invested annually by business in education across the world.

And that means everyone can be part of the solution.

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