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A place for everyone

The Newman Neighbourhood Centre is about to expand its services, with a new playground, Well Women’s Centre and a flexi workspace for busy parents in town.

BHP Principal Community Sue Michoff said dongas from Kurra Village will be repurposed and set up as a dedicated flex work space and a Well Women’s Centre, providing a bigger range of services for the whole community.

“A nurse for the Well Women’s Centre will be housed in a BHP house, which means the centre can be competitive and get the best person for the job,” Sue said.

The Newman Neighbourhood Centre is a friendly, informal place where people in the community can meet for a range of social and health activities, creating a sense of community.

“One of the most popular services is our creche,” explained Centre Manager, Deb Barry. “We often have flexi workers here, using our creche while they catch up on work.”

Courtney Bowman runs a local florist in town and uses the creche regularly while her husband works in the mining industry.

“Living up here, you are quite isolated. You don’t have the family and things that you might have living down south,” said Courtney. “It’s a great place to be able to connect with other mums in town and have a break for a while.”

The new Flex Workspace will be opening soon and the Well Women’s Centre will be operating from June 2020. Contact for more information.

For more information, click here (PDF 4.03MB)