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3D Printing helps us support Saskatchewan healthcare workers

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."

Try telling that to Marcus Dionne, an embedded contractor in our Potash business in Canada.

Marcus focuses on technology projects to make the Jansen Potash Project more productive. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Marcus eyed a chance to use technology in a way to help the local community in Saskatchewan.

Like many places around the world, disposable face shields for healthcare workers were in short supply in Saskatchewan. The local frontline workers were desperate for anything they could get their hands on to keep them safe.

Marcus contacted Wave of the Future 3D Printing a local company that has been printing equipment and protective gear amid the Covid-19 pandemic.. He noticed his team had some spare material that could be used to print disposable face shields. So he reached out and together they worked out how they could use the materials to print the much needed shields.

Within a week, he printed over 20 face shields and distributed them to local organisations like The Saskatoon Health Region. Being a passionate problem solver, Marcus and his team are now working on ways to accelerate the process to print more, much faster.

“Technology really helps the Jansen project team. In these tough times there is also a huge opportunity to use it to help out the community that is working to keep us all safe and well.” Marcus said. “It’s a tight knit community so we all want to look out for each other and get through this together.”